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Performer Audition Form

Performer Audition Form

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Bring your Team to perform at the COLADA Latin Dance Congress Bangkok 2016!

In addition to the world-renowned professional artists that will be performing their routines for the Bangkok audience, COLADA invite all semi-pro, amateur and childrens’ teams to take the opportunity to show their stuff! There are approximately 60 available performance slots over the 3-day event so sign up as soon as possible!

Request to perform by using the Performer Sign-Up Form below:

  1. A representative of the team should compile and submit the Performer Sign-Up Form. If the dance company has multiple teams, each team must be submitted separately.
  2. The COLADA Artistic Director will review all new submissions within a week of date received.
  3. All submissions will be replied by e-mail which contains the registration link to purchase a Performer Full Pass for each member of the team. Performer Full Passes are USD 180 and provide access to all daily and nightly COLADA activities for the entire 4-day event.
  4. Once a pass has been purchased for each team member, the team will be considered registered and added to the performance schedule. Payment must be received within 14 days of approval.