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Terry & Cecile


Terry, born in Paris France, was raised in the Guadeloupe. He has had a passion for dance since he was very young, and has excelled at many dance styles, from Hip Hop and beyond. At 19, Terry discoverd Salsa, and this marked a milestone in his life. Terry then chose to focus on Salsa, and practiced constantly. This practice led him to be recognized as the Salsa champion of Guadeloupe at the age of 23. He was then invited to teach at Isis Figaro, one of the most prestigious dance schools in Paris. It was here that he met Cecile, and they began to train together.

Cecile, born in France, is proud of her Martinique heritage. Dance has been her life, having studied everything from classical ballet to Hip Hop, Modern Jazz and Contemporary. She is able to seamlessly integrate many styles into her choreography and performances. Today, Cecile specializes in Salsa, and is well versed in it’s many forms, including Casino, LA Style, and NY style. After meeting Terry at the dance school of Isis Figaro, where Cecile was studying, they became dance partners, and have continued to perform in the many styles that they have trained in. After forming their own company, Cecile has demonstrated that her talents extend beyond dance, as she also designs all of the company costumes.

Terry and Cecile then joined with U-tribe, one of Paris’s most recognized dance companies. In August of 2007, Terry and Cecile formed their own dance company, SalsAlianza. The school has grown, and Terry and Cecille have continued to deliver incredible shows around the world. Known as “The Dancing Machine”, Terry is a social dancer, teacher, and performer extraordinaire.