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Darling Saeko


Darling SAEKO was born in Tokyo, Japan and started dancing at around the age of two in her own sweet way. Since her late teens, she has been an outstanding freestyle dancer in the underground club scene in Tokyo, whose style is now known to those in the scene as her own unique fusion of Afro Cuban and Hip-hop.

She has also had quite a few experiences as a dancer and choreographer in the overground scene, such as the concerts of Japanese famous musicians, the production of promotional videos and the TV commercials.

Furthermore, she is a talented musician who leads Afro Cuban band, “Romantic Babalu”, and a writer who is the editor in chief of the free magazine “Paco”.

So lively has been her inquiring mind about street dance and music, that she studied in Cuba from 2008 to 2011, visited Dominica, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Chaina,France etc., During her travels, she produced various works of dance with her belief that “music and dance are free from any constraint of race or ideology”.