Latin inspired live music and dance events since July 2016

Vanessa Wang

Project Director / Organizer

Vanessa was born in China and grew-up in Asia’s financial and cultural hub Singapore.

Vanessa had the chance to travel substantially. Traveling, seeing and experiencing cultures teaches. Vanessa was fascinated by these impressions. Absorbing all these memories of cultures changes the way one sees the world.

Vanessa became an entrepreneur and focuses now on delivering her vision of a modern and good-scale Latin Dance Congress in Asia.

Vanessa interprets Latin Dance as a spectrum of diversity. Every event visitor and all who enjoy dancing as a lifestyle have a very different background and diversity. That amazing spectrum of views, expressions and vision deserve credit. COLADA represents harmony and respect for different heritage. COLADA is a lifestyle, combining fun, music and admiration for variety.

Vanessa’s aim is to deliver a colorful space to live out that deep desire for peace, happiness and purpose for humanity. And Vanessa invested in that purpose: more than thousand event fans of different backgrounds will be celebrating the Colors of Latin Dance…

In the last 6 years Vanessa repeatedly came back to Thailand, a heartwarming country with an amazing culture and unique people. There was hardly any day in Thailand where Vanessa could not feel the welcoming spirit of this amazing kingdom. It was her choice to spend more time in Bangkok than in other city of this wonderful planet. Vanessa wanted Bangkok’s diversity and openness to cultures to be the place where the Colors of Latin Dance calls home.