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Nuno Pesqueira


Nuno Pesqueira is a dancer with a long track record in the Latin dance world. Since he considers himself as perfectionist, dreamer, ambitious, sensitive and sociable, he has developed his skills not only as a dancer but also an instructor and choreographer.

From his childhood, he acquired the taste for dance from his family roots. He started attending dance classes from the first year of school in the Ponto e Comír Center, directed by Maria José Guimarães, who encouraged him to participate in all kind of activities which evolves around shows. He continued working for several years and developed a personality that is strongly connected to the spectacle that later evolved through the School Sports Group of the Secondary School of Holy Waters (GDDE) that was initially directed by Professor Esmeralda Moura and later by Professor Alexandre Teixeira.

Due to these experiences, he has become an international dancer who has participated in many different famous congresses and festivals where he obtained several rewards:

  • 1st position in the International Kizomba Championship 2010 (Africa a Dançar)

  • 1st position in the Portugal Salsa Opn 2013
  • 1st position in the Portugal Salsa Opn 2014
  • 1st position in the Portugal Kizomba Opn 2015
  • Dance Awards 2016 – Best Choreograph