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Mari Yogo & Andrew Avila


Mari Yogo

Mari Yogo Born in Japan.

Soon after graduated university, she went to NY to learn salsa and Osmar Perrones, the director of Yamlee Dance Company found her talent and invited her to join his company. She became a dancer highly evaluated for her astonishing spinning and following technique, surprisingly long beautiful arms and legs, and delicate yet powerful expression.

Since 2014, she has moved to France as a member of Alegria Dance Company. Has been dancing for so many world stages, now over 100 shows total including stages during career in Yamlee. Also appeared on some TV shows.

Now she based in Japan again and is very excited to share her experiences with Asian salsa dancers again.
Andrew Avila

Born and raised in Bronx, NY Andrew started his salsa dance training like most hispanics, at home with the best teachers ever, his family.

When a weekly class opened up in a local community center, with the Tanima dancers, Andrew did not hesitate to jump in and this is where he began his On2 style training. After a few classes he decided to take salsa up as a hobby and joined Starlite Dance Stuidio of the Bronx where he stayed for 7 years.

At the age of 13, with a new found passion for the art of dance, he began taking lessons at the Harlem School of the Arts where he learned the basics of ballet, jazz and modern dance styles. Keeping his love for salsa strong, in 2009 Andrew decided to further his salsa training under the semi professional team, Bajari de Yamulee, at Yamulee Dance Company.

From 2011, while still under Yamulee, Andrew was accepted into the Jr. Division at The Ailey School and started training pre-professionally in Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance techniques. In 2012, Andrew was accepted into the professional division at The Ailey School and also the professional team at Yamulee Dance Company. During his time in Yamulee he was able to travel nationally and internationally with the company to places like Boston, Texas, Connecticut, Switzerland, Mexico and Italy. This opened his eyes to the world of salsa and exposed him to all the possibilities in the world of dance.

In August of 2015, Andrew made a decision to move to France and dance with Alegria Dance Company. Throughout this year the company traveled to teach and perform in multiple countries including Germany, Croatia, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Now starting out his new journey, Andrew hopes create a strong name for himself in the salsa community and craft his own unique style to the scene.