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Hide & Peko


【 HIDE & PEKO Biography】
Salsa Professional Show Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer

4x Japan National Champion
HIDE and PEKO start dancing together from 2013 when they are the university students.
They have been training Salsa and the other kind of dancing like Jazz, Ballroom Dance, Cuban Dances, Tap and so on. in Japan but also they went to Cuba, New York, France and Finland for growing up there dance skills and careers. In 2017, they went to Canada for a year and had been training.

In their dance career, they have been challenging in a lot of competitions. They became 4 times champions in Japan and 4th place of professional division in the world. Even now they are joining competition actively.

They do the show and workshop as a guest not only in Japan but also internationally. Also they are active in back dancers of artist, producing the wedding show and many kind of show.
ー National Prizes ー

■ 1st place of Salsa Pair division (Japan Cup 2014 / 2015 / 2016 honored by Japan Salsa Association)

■ 1st place of Salsa Pair division
(13th Japan Salsa Dance Competition honored by SALSA HOTLINE JAPAN)

ー international prizes ー

■ 3rd place of World Latin Dance Cup 2015 Amateur Salsa Couple division

■ 2nd place of Hong Kong World Salsa Championship 2015 Amateur / Semi-Pro Division

■ 2nd place of World Salsa Summit 2018 Salsa On1 rising star division

■ 4th place of World Latin Dance Cup 2018 Salsa On1 Couple Professional division