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DJ El Chino


DJ, music producer, promoter and cultural manager.
With more than 20 years djing and born in Cali, Colombia El Chino discovered his passion for music at an early age. Favoring at first Rock and Pop, he then fell in love with Caribbean rhythms. During his time in Europe, he worked as a DJ in dance clubs throughout Germany for about five years before returning home to Colombia to start his own radio show at USACA.
DJ El Chino is not just a DJ, he is also a music producer and cultural manager. Today, he is an all-round talent and one of the most important figures in the Salsa & Latin Jazz scene worldwide. Thanks to his invaluable and tireless job with his website, the Solar Latin Club ( became the most important site for Contemporary Salsa worldwide.
As a DJ, he has played his sessions in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Bangkok, France, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico DF, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, UK, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Luxembourg, Slovakia and other countries as well as in his native Cali, Colombia. The key to his success is based on his ability to encompass a wide international range of music, while delivering the latest recordings of contemporary Salsa, Latin Jazz and world music styles but also the rarest treasures of Salsa, Son, Mambo and Guaguanco records of old times.
He was also the first Salsa DJ invited to the famous festival Pop Komm in Berlin, Germany in 2007. In his sessions he puts the music in the foreground and that´s because he lets the music rock till the end. “That´s the respect I owe to the artist, who created a complete song“, he says. In a DJ set he brings together old songs from the 60´s and 70´s with the latest releases in an unconventional, unique style. His repertoire includes a lot of “Guaguanco“, Descarga, Contemporary Salsa as well as almost lost rhythms like Son Montuno, Cha Cha Cha and Danzon. He also combines the music with images and films about the music in order to provide a more dynamic and fulfilling experience.
DJ El Chino was also a columnist in Puerto Rica ´s website “Herencia Latina“ as well as official compiler of  “Salsa World Series” for the label Walboomers,  and a collaborator on the Top 20 Hit Parade section of the prestigious “Latin Beat Magazine“ from California, which was one of the most important magazines for Salsa/Latin Jazz rhythms worldwide.