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Interview with Vanessa Wang

VWSandy Lim chats with event organizer Vanessa Wang about her idea and vision behind the “Colors of Latin Dance” Brand and the coming  COLADA Latin Dance Congress – Bangkok 2017


Sandy: Vanessa, you have created a new lifestyle brand. What is COLADA, Colors of Latin Dance?

Vanessa: Dance, especially Latin Dance is a spectrum of diversity. Every event visitor and all who enjoy dancing as a lifestyle have a very different background and diversity. That amazing spectrum of views, expressions and vision deserve credit. COLADA represents harmony and respect for different heritage. COLADA is a lifestyle, combining fun, music and admiration for variety.

Our aim is to deliver a colorful space to live out that deep desire for peace, happiness and purpose for humanity. And we invest in that purpose: more than thousand event fans of different backgrounds will be celebrating the Colors of Latin Dance…

Sandy: A successful first event in a series of regional and global events is crucial. Why did you choose Bangkok as the Opening Event venue?

Vanessa: In the last years I had the chance to travel substantially. Traveling, seeing and experiencing cultures teaches. I am fascinated by these impressions. My family has sent me overseas from a young age. Absorbing all these memories of cultures changes the way one sees the world. To make it short, it gives you experience, and nobody can take that asset away from you.

In the last 6 years I repeatedly came back to Thailand, a heartwarming country with an amazing culture and unique people. There was hardly any day in Thailand where one could not feel the welcoming spirit of this amazing kingdom. It was my choice to spend more time in Bangkok than in other city of this wonderful planet. I wanted Bangkok’s diversity and openness to cultures to be the place where the Colors of Latin Dance calls home. Bangkok is vibrant and simply unique, and so is your COLADA event. Bangkok is by choice!

Sandy: What do you like about Bangkok?

Vanessa: I put up in Sukhumvit area, kind of one of the centers with prime shopping malls, gourmet and simple restaurants, bars, notoriously smiling street vendors, and many many hidden treasures. Most mornings I will have a stroll through the busy neighborhood. Never expect the traffic to follow rules. Actually chaos is the rule. But while this busy district pretends to be rushing, trained eyes see amazing tranquility and happiness. Its Asian chaos mixed with a deep sense of inner peace. A Thai society blended with a mix of foreign visitors delivers an experience one can only describe as colorful and at peace. A deep sense of happiness puts you in a near stress-free tranquility. Bangkok is colorful and at piece, and so is COLADA – Colors of Latin Dance…

Nothing is impossible in Bangkok! I mean absolutely nothing… I treasure that ability to experience the unexpected.

Sandy: What made you choose the Shangri-La Hotel to hold your first Latin Dance Congress?

Vanessa: Well, that answer is simple: its the perfect venue for COLADA! We want event fans to feel comfortable and relaxed. Experiments are not an option. The moment you enter Shangri-La, COLADA visitors should experience nothing short of perfect service. We treasure the time our fans entrust us. World Champions and enthusiastic amateurs in Latin Dance will deliver exceptional bootcamps, workshops and performances. Shangri-La hotel is one of the best and most trusted addresses in Bangkok’s tourism sector. We have chosen the best, so you can focus on experiencing the unparalleled service the land of smiles has to offer… COLADA symbolizes happiness. You will bring home these unforgettable memories from Bangkok’s amazing riverside….

Sandy: Which Dance Styles will Colors of Latin dance focus on in Bangkok?

Vanessa: Historically, event fans attended Salsa Festivals. To bring more colors into latin dance events, COLADA delivers a world-class mix of Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Mambo, Tango and some other surprises, which we will only share at the Bangkok event itself… Let me tell you… It will be different…

Sandy: Vanessa, you assembled an impressive team of World-Class Artists for your upcoming Bangkok event. How did you manage to get these big names coming to Bangkok?

Vanessa: Its simply hard work and dedication to get the best of the best of Latin Dance to the same location at the same time. I must admit, it makes it a bit easier that we talk about a dream destination, Bangkok in sunny Thailand… Next question.

Sandy: The event schedule is packed… From Pre-Parties, Bootcamps, Workshops, Show Blocks to Evening Parties… Are you planning some of off-site activities too?

Vanessa: That will be fun pure…. Bangkok has so many tourist attractions and things to do… but wait until you experience our police escorted parade through the city…. Wait and see, the reaction will be viral…

Sandy: We understand that you and your team is working very focussed on making your Opening Event a success. Are you already planning other events?

Vanessa: COLADA delivers. Focus is crucial. Our Bangkok event is planned and will be executed by a team with knowledge to deliver. World renowned latin dance experts, DJs and musicians combined with our Bangkok event management team is not short of experience to make COLADA your event of choice. We engaged a professional event organizer team to plan COLADA Bangkok. With a track record of successfully organizing event parties such as SENSATION with more than 3,000 fans in Bangkok, we will make your visit and participation memorable.

As for other locations, we have our mission. COLADA will be a regional player in this field. The budget we put in place demands other events in major hubs. Our asset is our global network. The Latin Dance community is connected. Colors of Latin Dance represents different regions, cultures, dance and fulfillment. Our mission for colors and diversity is global….

Bangkok is the starting point of a global journey. Our roots have set the stages for the next venues…. You may guess: its Switzerland and China…

Sandy: Vanessa, you said COLADA aims to evolve the concept of Dancing Events. What’s different from other events organized in South East Asia?

Vanessa: COLADA is a lifestyle. The brand stands for diversity and true enjoyment. We will integrate aspects not previously seen in major South East Asian events. COLADA went the extra mile to bring the best of best over to Bangkok. Not just in numbers, but also in focus and diversity… I give you an example for what COLADA stands for: our south east asian event fans will have several ‘first of a kind’ exposure. One of our secrets is a show blocks on all three main event evenings, where youngest world talent will perform their jaw-dropping routines… COLADA – Colors of Latin Dance – stands for past, present and future…. You will experience a very different event at Shangri-La Hotel in June 2017….