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Interview with Brenda Liew

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At the age of 9 she joined a dance team. Singapore born artist and instructor Brenda Liew chats with Vanessa Wang about her professional career and ambitions.


Vanessa: Singapore is such an amazing city and there is always so much going on! How is it like living here?

Brenda: My country is something I’m so grateful for in my life. It is an amazingly well-maintained super city that doesn’t lack the greens and shared by people of different races and cultures- so you can imagine the variety of food we have here! If I ever need a holiday, Singapore is also surrounded by amazing destinations which are all just a few hours away.

Vanessa: When did you started dancing and at what point did you decide to make it your profession?

Brenda: I started dancing at the age of 9 by joining a dance troupe in school- and that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Since then, dancing has always been my greatest hobby, and now I cannot imagine life without it! At the age of 12, I was introduced to Salsa/Bachata and my life changed forever. My hobby then became a passion, I slowly realized that there was nothing I’d rather do than to dance for the rest of my life! So at 17, I made the decision to go after this crazy dream even though I had absolutely no idea how to go about doing it!

Vanessa: Tell us more about BLDC.

Brenda: BLDC is the identity of my dance teams.  I run 2 teams in Singapore and 1 in Taipei with the help of a few very dedicated instructors! Keep a look out for them!

Vanessa: What drives you in your career?

Brenda: Being an instructor can be extremely rewarding and it is why I love teaching so much! I feel so much satisfaction watching my dancers nail the choreography because I know it also makes them feel good about themselves. Being an instructor enables me to help my dancers grow which means so much to me. When that happens, I know I did my part right.

Vanessa: Lately, BLDC has been performing quite a bit. I saw your show recently at the Berlin Salsa Congress. It was simply amazing. What is your next move?

Brenda: Thank you! Hmmmmm…  Our new show will debut soon and it is a really fun one so I can’t wait to perform it with my girls! I will strive to constantly push the level of my teams and keep on exploring new styles with them. It challenges me to keep things fresh and also learn more about different dance forms.

Vanessa: You have been travelling extensively in Asia. How is it like to teach in the different cities in this region?

Brenda: Teaching in Asia.. is a really rewarding experience. Asian people are so hungry to learn and they are not afraid to show their passion and enthusiasm! It never fails to make me more excited about teaching and to share what I can with my students, I love it!

Vanessa: You’ve been to many places in the world. Is there some other places you want to conquer?

Brenda: I hope to go everywhere I haven’t been to! There aren’t specific places that I want to conquer because I love travelling itself! It makes me happy to go anywhere to teach, and I love it even more when I meet a bunch of enthusiastic dancers eager to learn!

Vanessa: Of all your successes, which one is your favorite?

Brenda:  I think my best success is loving what I do because it keeps me happy.

Vanessa:You will be is a leading artist at the COLADA Congress in Bangkok and at the Beach Splash in Phuket. You will conduct a bootcamp, several workshops and performances. What can the event fans expect to see or experience from you? 

Brenda: Thank you.. It is my honor! I  definitely hope to spread my energy and share some laughter with everyone! I think that being able to inspire others is something really magical and valuable, so I hope I can do that too.

Vanessa: Several event fans have already asked the question: Will you be available for social dancing during the event?

Brenda:  OF COURSE! I love social dancing!

Vanessa:  What is your next project?

Brenda:  Oh no this totally kills the surprise! We will debut it soon so keep a look out!

Vanessa: Finally, a tip for the new Latin Dancers?

Brenda: Hmmm.. One of the reasons why fell in love with Street Latin dance is because of social dancing! Social dancing is a really fun way practice your technique while busting some cool moves, and also to make new friends! Fall in love with it and you will not regret it!

Vanessa: Thank you very much for the interview and COLADA is at your service!