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COLADA 2021 postponed – Here the new date!
COLADA 2022 – Fantasy Land Singapore (9-13 June 2022)

We regret to inform you that COLADA 2021 will not take place as scheduled, due to COVID-19. Please save the new date of 9 – 12 June 2022.

We make sure nobody looses out and the planned rebounce back to the new normal in the Salsa, Bachta, Kizomba and Zouk world will be planned in detail with lots of positive surprises.

Vaccination is helping and we encourage all to get their jap, when the opportunity arrises. As a measure of precaution, COLADA has planned to have on site testing to assure everyones safety in the coming year.

The offer of last year is still standing and we extend the validity of the tickets and passes as purchased to 2022 or 2023. You decide when its best for you.

When the situation allows, we will also host some regional smaller events under the COLADA umbrella in various Asian cities. This way we can bring back the positive COLADA vibes even earlier, hopefully.

We thank you for your support and wish all of you the best – stay healthy!

See you soon!

Where there is rain, there will be sunshine.

This period is very fluid and changes happen rapidly. Airlines start to operate again and borders are opening. During the last 2 days however, both governments – Thailand and Singapore – have released their rules on the way forward to deal with COVID-19. As the organizers of THE ORIGINAL (Bangkok) and COLADA (Singapore) we have to comply with the implemented orders. Also, your safety comes first!

Events Postponed, not Canceled

In the Latin world people generally think positive. A postponed event is not a canceled event. Let us think back to the roots of Latin Dance where our passion of dance and music was a relieve from daily struggles. There is a time – sooner than later – where the world gets back on its feet and celebrates life and enjoyment.


We are happy to give you the new date for Singapore: 10-13 June 2021. It will be an out of this world time travel experience.

Your money paid for tickets and time travel coins is protected

Whatever we do, we try our best to protect all parties involved. You are our customer and we treasure your support. An event with several thousand event attendees on the other hand has pre-expenses in the range of several hundred thousand dollars. Artists and Musicians need a lifeline for future successful events. These individuals are there for you. So we need to find a balance for this difficult situation in which we are all together.

Like most Latin Dance and Music event organizers globally, we offer to protect whatever you have paid for a ticket.

Tickets and Time Travel Coins will be automatically transferred to Postponed Events

We will transfer the tickets and time travel coins with the full value for the next event. The losses as a result of the postponement are with us. We humbly ask you to understand this challenging situation.

Postponement THANK YOU BONUS

For all tickets and time travel coins which are transferred automatically and where we don’t receive a request for converting the value into vouchers, we offer a THANK YOU BONUS of 30 “Time Travel Coins”, which can be used at our events to buy food, drinks and merchandise. The monetary value is approx. USD 21 per ticket.


Option to convert payment made into Vouchers

For those who want to use the amount already paid in several events or on COLADA merchandise, we offer the conversion of the ticket price into vouchers with equivalent value. The vouchers can be used to buy COLADA merchandise or can be used to attend COLADA events in Asia, Europe or the Americas.

Please send us an email the supporting documents of your purchase. The administrative time for issuing vouchers will take 4 to 6 weeks.

Your Tickets and Time Travel Coins or Vouchers can be sold to other parties

It is allowed to sell tickets and time travel coins to third parties. Please send us an email with the name and contact details of the tickets, time travel coins or vouchers you originally purchased from us together with the supporting documents of your purchase/transfer.

The tickets, time travel coins or vouchers will be transferred and the new owner will be informed by email.

The administrative time for this will take 4 to 6 weeks.

To support you, we will open up a portal to bring together potential buyers and sellers. We are in the progress of setting up the communication portal. It is expected to be ready by mid June 2020. An announcement will be done separately.


Use the Chart to get a better Overview

It is a lot of information. Our team prepared a chart for easy reference.

Top Class Entertainment – Our Promise

Most of you have attended COLADA events. We hope you have a smile on your face when you think back to the extraordinary days and nights you spent at COLADA hosted events. We know you have many choices and we believe variety brings a good mix into the Latin Dance and Music world.

Support big and small events. All of them have their charm. COLADA is one event we would like you to remember positively every year. COLADA is a different concept and your event experience remains our top priority. We humbly thank you for supporting our efforts. We are there for you and we treasure you!


Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions of the purchase agreement ( ) remain valid. Above offer is without prejudice.


COLADA has a track record of delivering and executing quality events since 2016.


“YOUR FRIENDS WILL BE THERE…” was our promise and look at the energy delivered by the 1830 event fans, musicians and dancers…. Social Dance TV recorded highlights of the happenings in and around the 4 day event…. And the result is stunning!

WOW! THE ENERGY WAS UP…. and we still feel it days after…