COLADA Latin Dance Congress
6-10 June 2018, Bangkok

Franchise Opportunies

Latin Dance is a Lifestyle

Colors of Latin Dance is a celebration and a concept that brings dancers together to share their passion for the dance, build community, and to share moves and tips with each other.

What begins here in our premiere event in Bangkok, is already planned to become a worldwide phenomenon that takes place in selected venues around the globe.

Colors of Latin Dance creates a new show and event concept tailored to its host city. Committed to innovation and excellence, Colors of Latin Dance will earn the distinction of being a major and leading dance event. It succeeds in creating an atmosphere of togetherness at even the most mammoth venues. With everyone having passion of latin dances, the crowd is immersed in a tidal wave of unity.



Other Colors of Latin Dance events are planned in vibrant cities:

  • Singapore
  • Shanghai, P.R. China
  • Bern, Switzerland
  • Barcelona, Spain

We are actively seeking passionate individuals and organizations to join our local event planning and implementation teams.

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