COLADA Latin Dance Congress
6-10 June 2018, Bangkok

Yuko Bosch


1995 – began performing on stage w modern dance
2001 – entered world of Salsa music and dance
2003- began performing on stage to Salsa Music while studying, taking salsa dance classes, rehearsing and social dancing with passion on a daily basis
2007 – began as an assistant Salsa team leader, teaching and helping to develop choreographies for performance teams

2010 – launched her solo career as a Salsa instructor and director of her ladies team, “Salsa Star-Letto” and her pair team, “ABIKA”.

Yuko has performed and/or offered workshops throughout Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Hawaii, Argentina, Hong Kong, Siberia, Thailand, Australia and Beijing.

In addition, Yuko is Co -director of “ABC Shines Project” along with Vaya Sato, her dance partner for pair performances as well.

Yuko Bosch has been featured in NY TV and media outlets, Japan TV commercial and talk shows as well as music videos.