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Our philosophy is having the best time you can possibly have while learning the latest salsa moves New York City has to offer.

The Director of Yamulee Dance Company is Osmar Perrones. Upon forming his own company Osmar plans to usher in the new era of mambo in a jubilant fashion. Osmar will personally supervise all levels including children classes. So you can enjoy his teachings along with his trademark smile to ease any frustrations. The classes will be structured with emphasis on the basics as you move up the ladder. x

Having strong fundamentals as you progress will allow you to express yourself more freely with the music.x

The Yamulee name; The word Yamulee, with its African roots means “festive, joyous, and free-spirited” which fits Osmar’s style and personality as a whole. He chose the name himself primarily because of its fun-sounding nature. Upon realizing the meaning he felt blessed and knew this was his calling.