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SUKIYAKI, the name is from traditional Japanese food, started show from 2013.

Yuki,Masanori and Shiba are the dancers, choreographers and organizers of salsa party.

Yuki, Instructor, Choreographer and Organizer
She has been dancing since 2006. She went to NY to learn MAMBO. She started teaching from 2010 and produced and danced many shows all around Japan and also abroad. China Salsa festival 2011,2013 Hong Kong Salsa festival 2010 Salsamemucho Shanghai 2012,2013 Formosa salsa fiesta2014 Beach Salsa in Taiwan 2013,2016 She also organizes many annual parties in Japan.

Masanori (Rico), Salsa Instructor, Choreographer, DJ
Japan Salsa Congress(2005~2010)
LA Salsa congress(2005)
HK Salsa Congress(2011,2012)
China salsa festival (2013)
Salsamemucho in Shanghai (2013)
Formosa salsa fiesta in Taipei (2014)

Shiba, Instructor, Choreographer and Organizer
He has been dancing since 2007 and started teaching from 2014.

Salsamemucho in Shanghai