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Stella Chan & Dance Divas Hong Kong

Stella’s goal is to continue growing her knowledge and dancing skills so that she may enjoy sharing it with others. This enables her to keep growing and prepare herself for new challenges.

Stella’s journey started at 13 years old. Her passion for dancing started with modern, street jazz and kept growing throughout the year with latin, salsa, hip hop, ballet, modern jazz.

In 2009, Stella went to the United State to further her training. First stop was Los Angeles, California for a few months. Then followed by a year at the New York Broadway Dance Centre.

Whilst in New York, she studied under the instruction of teachers Eddie Torres, Frankie Martinez and Nelson Flores. She was then invited to perform with Nelson Flores and the Baila Society.

For 2 year from 2010, Stella was a full time instructor at DANCETRINITY in Hong Kong.

To keep growing and take on a new challenges, Stella started more freelance work from 2013. She now works as an instructor, choreographer and performer.

To this day Stella keeps travelling to different places in the world to learn from the best and increase her growth. She loves learning from different cultures to enhance her dance style and skills.