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Las Hermanitas Salsalicious


Las Hermanitas Salsalicious is a little sister group of Las Chicas Salsalicious which is a group of liked-minded ladies from Japan and Thailand who are crazy about Salsa! They have come together to not only entertain you with their fun and eclectic routines but to also promote and energize the social dancing scene in Bangkok Thailand. They often travel locally and abroad to attend dance festivals and satisfy their never-ending thirst for Salsa.

Las Chicas Salsalicious was honored to perform at COLADA 2017, now this little sister group Las Hermanitas Salsalicious has grown to hit this big stage of COLADA!

The team was founded by certified Salsa addict, Saori Watanabe from Japan, who has more than 17 years of dancing and teaching experience. She is the director and choreographer of team. Making Las Chicas Salsalicious debut performance in December 2015 followed by Las Hermanitas debut in 2017 in Bangkok Thailand, it was so well received that they have received numerous invitations to perform at various festivals and events.