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Produced by Yuta Higa, launched in 2010 in Tokyo. All Ishadow members are huge dance addicts and dedicate their passion to performing. Although they are non-professional, they have a loyal following of fans and are highly praised by the audiences, which Yuta confidently attributes to the members’ hard work. Yuta says, “Amateurs sometimes deserve a stage superstars perform on”.

We barely perform outside Japan but both the Ladies shines and Pairs team are going to be on the stage this year at Colada!!! Please don’t miss it out!!!
Yuta Higa

Specialties: hand washing clothes, subtly wiping hands on clothes while pair dancing, not wearing out soles of shoes

With over 15 years of dance experience, my goal is to engage the audience in “fun” and “enterning” social dancing rather than “cool” or “impressive”. Capable of dancing in both leader and follower roles, I unconsciously start my own Yuta show when I’m immersed in dancing to songs I love with great partners, and end up taking up too much space on the dance floor! Sorry about that (wry smile).
In my choreography, I pay the utmost attention to the synchronicity of sounds, movements and formations. Watch my numbers and test the competence of your eyes and ears.