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Gil Afroman


Daniel Felisberto (GIL AFROMAN) was born on 16. April 1981. He started his career as balerinne at the culture Beira house (second capital of Mozambique). At the age of 13 years is part of the song and dance group.

– 1997 forms his MOZMCIRCO group, while continuing study for African dance and anthropology of motion and African dances.

– In 2003 starts frequented Italy as an artist in various tours.

– In 2007, becomes part of the company song and dance MILORHO A Maputo.

– As a instructor and coreograph of African dances, takes part in competitions Kizomba and African dances. It is now a teacher at the international level for African dances.

– participates in national and international events not only as a teacher of African dances but also as a mirror of angolian and africa culture around the world.

– In 2011 started the university for literature at the University of CAGLIARI.

– As an artist begins to prepare italian teachers in culture and history of African dance Kizomba, Semba, Kuduro.

– He take part in Latin evenings as show man, performs afrohouse Kuduro.

– Is the founder the responsible of national Kizomba FEDERITALIA.

– Member of the Kizomba ITALIA