COLADA Latin Dance Congress
6-10 June 2018, Bangkok

Coreana Mambo


Korean ladies performance team “Coreana Mambo is thrilled to make their debut performance at Colors of Latin Dance. They are composed of the power trio Sookzza, Jane, and Muse.

Sookzza began dancing salsa in Sydney in 1999. She is a self-taught salsera who honed her style social dancing with Sydney latinos, giving her a distinct latin style remarkable in Asian salsa. She is also a DJ, club owner, and organizer of many salsa events. She has the longest salsa career in all of Korea.

Jane is a famous teacher trainer who has groomed many of the top teachers in Korea. She is universally admired for elegant and powerful moves. Jane is also a former director of many teams including “La Fuerta” “Jane’s Salsera” “Mambo Corriente” and “Mambo Bellas”. She has the longest career as director of salsa teams and her teams have performed all over the world.

Muse is one of the most popular teachers and choreographers in Korean salsa, known for her graceful feminine style. She developed a traditional Caribbean technique while studying and travelling through Cuba and Central and South America. She is the most covetted salsa teaching partner in Korea and teaches throughout Seoul with various partners.

Muse and Sookzza together performed with Korea Salsa All-Stars at Orlando World Salsa championships group division in 2007, then later in 2010 teamed with Jane and other top salseras when they formed “Korea Salsa All Star Ladies”.