COLADA Latin Dance Congress
6-10 June 2018, Bangkok

Christina Pan


Christina Pan was always fascinated by Dance and Music and found her true calling at the age of 17 on her first visit to a salsa club in Singapore. Her first formal class was at JitterbugsSwingapore and she never looked back from there.

Professionally qualified as a Mass Communication expert, Christina manages her family business as a Director of Human Relations and continues to strike a balance between her professional life and her passion. In the course of her Dancing Career, Christina has been part of the Mosaic Dance Ladies Pro Team and has worked with and performed alongside international world renowned Artists such as Martin Gonzalez, Yared Martinez, Gaby Equiz, and Garry Portugal to name a few.

The turning point in her dancing career was when she began working closely with Gaby Equiz who is a multi-time world champion and Founder of Alma Latina Dance Company. Under Gaby’s mentorship and guidance, Christina went on to set up Alma Singapore by Alma Latina Dance Company, which is one of the Fastest Growing Bachata Teams in Singapore. Being entrusted with the Alma brand and becoming the Director of Alma Singapore was one of the highlights of the Dancing life.

Christina continues to grow as a Dancer and eventually wants to develop and perfect her own Sexy and Fluid style with a primary focus on Connection and Musicality. She hopes to reach out to individuals from various walks of life through dancing and help them reach their true potential as dancers and to effectively spread the Love and Joy of dancing.

Christina truly believes that the best reward in life is to make friends that last a lifetime and she has found this through her passion for dancing.