COLADA Latin Dance Congress
6-10 June 2018, Bangkok



AuroraDancers, formed in 2006, is a Taiwanese dance group directed by Irene Lai, who believes that “dancing is not about a technique but rather a life philosophy”. In love with the richness and the diversity of salsa, the group is comprised of amateur dancers who aim for professional training and quality.

For the past decade, AuroraDancers has been focusing on bringing latin dance onto the theatre stages and sharing their passion for salsa with people via various artistic mediums. For the last 2 years, they have also been engaging themselves in festivals and congresses worldwide.

Irene Lai began her professional ballroom dancer career when attending university. Becoming one of the top international Latin Ballroom competitors in Taiwan, she had studied ballroom dance with Allan Tornsberg in Denmark and Luk a Fanni in Italy.

While traveling and training, she extended her interest in jazz, modern and salsa dance. After retiring from the competitive dance floor, Irene has since devoted herself to salsa and dancer training. She is one of the co-founders of AuroraDancers Studio, the first and largest salsa school in Taiwan. As one of the most experienced salsa promoters, she is also well known for her elegant style and detailed teaching ability.

“The Arena”, choreographed by Irene Lai, is the latest piece for AuroraDancers. It is highly inspired by the song with the namesake song by artist Lindsey Stirling. Instead of following the common salsa clave rhythm, it experiments with the beautiful string melody to celebrate the uniqueness and openness of salsa culture. The choreographer also desired to show the elegant strength of femininity. She hopes that this work can represent a passion that’s unique to female and a life attitude that’s worth sharing.