COLADA Latin Dance Congress
6-10 June 2018, Bangkok

Assaf Marcus


Assaf Marcus is the co-founder of Algo-Ritmos, one of the most well-known Salsa-Dance-Groups in Israel, known for their teaching techniques and unique choreographies which mix Cuban, LA and NY styles.

Assaf is Well known not only for teaching and performing but also for being one of the producers of the international TLV Salsa Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel.

He started to dance salsa in 2005 and soon after 2 years, he started teaching in the most prestigious salsa schools in Israel and teaching and performing in in Milano, Hamburg, Athens, Malta, Cyprus, Morocco and Miami (World Latin Dance Cup).
He has been choreographing and performing since 2008 with his partners in couple shows and with his group Algo-Ritmos. Marcus is one of the very few Israeli male solo dancers. His Solo Shows are super energetic and graced with a lot of flavor and his own unique style.